Don’t Forget: Wedding Photography

After working in the wedding industry for so long you learn that photography matters. Let me say that one more time – PHOTOGRAPHY MATTERS!

The average wedding cost in 2016 is anywhere from $26,000 – $33,000. That is not a small chunk of change, so don’t you want to have a photographer who will work with you to capture every detail of that day, as you would like to remember it? These tips will give you a solid insight on what you should be asking and looking for in a photographer for your wedding day.

  • Pricing
  • When to Look
  • Style / Flexibility
  • Pricing
  • Engagement Photos
  • Video / Cinematography
  • Wedding Album Options
  • Personality Attraction

The photos and cinematography from your Wedding Day are memories that you will cherish and look upon for years to come – so don’t wait until the last minute and don’t skimp out!