5 Important Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

Don’t forget! Although it is your big day, make sure  to keep in mind these small details that can make or break your wedding day.

1. packing

If you are planning on staying at the hotel after your reception, make sure to prepare an overnight bag. This well be essential when wanting to get out of your attire and wind down after your celebration.

  • Wallet / Purse – Having some sort of money nearby will be helpful as well as comforting.
  • Lingerie / PJ’s
  • Perfume / Cologne
  • Arrange a late night snack – Most don’t have enough time to enjoy a full meal on their big day!
  • Garment Bags
  • Travel Jewelry / Accessory box
  • Comfortable day after outfits – You’ll want to look somewhat presentable if you’re having a day after brunch!
  • Shower Supplies


  • Have an organized list of vendors with their contact information handy
  • Organize your Vendor tips into envelopes – then hand them off to your planner / coordinator for the day who will be sure to deliver them
  • Vendor Meals – keep in mind that some of the vendors you’ve hired will be running around with you for a significant amount of time throughout the day. Some contracts may require a meal for the day but if not – it is polite to include a boxed or hot meal for them.


  • Parent / Cousin / Friend – Your designated person for emotional support should someone who knows you very well and will allow you to burst out all of your emotions and feelings to on your big day. While this may sound unnecessary – keep in mind that you have been planning every detail of this event for months / years, so it is very easy to become overwhelmed with a variety of emotions and having someone who cares for you there when those emotions overflow is so important on your wedding day.


  • Stationery
  • Bow tie / tie
  • Copy of vows
  • Dress Socks
  • Undergarments


  • Breakfast – We’ve had our fair share of brides and grooms who have a fear of bloating on their big day but trust us when we say you’d rather have a minor bloat than fainting as you are walking down the isle! It doesn’t have to be a large meal, but even if your nerves are causing a lack of appetite, be sure to feed yourself