5 Tips for your Winter Wedding

Though there is nothing that isn’t absolutely stunning about a snowy Winter Weddings – there are different aspects that you have to pay attention to compared to the more predictable June wedding

1. Be careful when picking a destination

Don’t pick a venue that is far away from the majority of the guests or a venue that is set off to the side of society.  Winter weather is unpredictable.  Even though your event will be inside, there is no guarantee that the weather will keep people from getting to your venue.  If a snow storm hits, it can be hard for people to drive to the wedding.

2. Floral

When planning your wedding in the months leading up to the event, be careful not to get hooked on a type of flower that is out of season.  Some flowers can either be impossible to find during this time of the year or very expensive to obtain.  By picking something you know will be in season, you can avoid disappointment.

3. Shoes

Bring extra shoes.  If it is icy, you don’t want to have your bride and your bridesmaids wearing heals.  Bring flat shoes with traction to avoid any spills before the ceremony. Always remember to be cautious.

4 Temperature

Make sure that your venue is properly heated.  In the snowy season, your guests are going to be wearing thicker clothes and more layers. Consult a temperature with the venue management that will keep the venue warm enough to be comfortable but not too warm so that you guests have to either undress  and overheat.

5) Be careful with the menu

While the winter season is the time for comfort food, think twice before serving the favored heavy meals.  If your reception has only heavy meals – people may become tired and ready to leave before the party starts.  By serving lighter meals, you have a better chance of your guests being on the dance floor all night long.

Happy Planning!