There are a few ways to incorporate the children in your family into your wedding if you choose to do so.  Many brides and grooms opt to have a flower girl and a ring bearer in order to include more of the family or even just to make their bridal party just a bit adorable.  Though, if you don’t have any children in your family that can help, don’t fret.  There are many other ways to lead the way with flowers and to get your rings to the altar.

If you don’t have the option of a flower girl, you can always sprinkle flower petals down the aisle before the ceremony begins or even have another guest do it, such as a bridesmaid or even a grandmother.  You can even choose not to incorporate petals into the décor at all.  While flower petals may be pretty, they are not necessary!

On the other hand, getting the rings to the altar is a bit of a different story.  If a ring bearer is out of the picture, give the rings to the best man.  This is what is most commonly done.  There is also the option of giving the rings to your parents and allowing them to bring the rings up when it is time.  Make sure that you give your rings to someone who you can trust and someone who is important to you.

While kids may be a fun addition to your wedding party, there are many ways to get by without them.