Where to Begin Wedding Planning

If you are having trouble getting started on planning your wedding or just simply don’t know where to begin, take a look at these helpful questions that will get you planning!

1) Would you like a Full-Service planner, a Partial-Service planner or a Day-Of planner?

2) What season best suits your wedding style?

3) Do you have a tentitive date in mind?

4) Do you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony?
– Do you want an indoor or outdoor reception?

5) What city or town inspires you? In other words, where would you like to host your event?

6) Have any venue’s caught your eye? If not, ask your planner for some ideas!

7) What color or colors will show off the happy couples inner flare?

8) Would you prefer that your bridesmaids wear short or long dresses?

9) How many people would you like to participate in your bridal party?

10) Who is the first person that comes to mind when thinking of a Maid of Honor or a Best Man?