7 Tips for Grooms That Will Make For Happy Groomsmen

Please enjoy a guest post by:
Emma Miller, Founder, Vow To Be Chic

A groom’s job is never an easy one. Turning up on time with the right three piece suit on. Making sure he is at the right venue. And of course, picking his groomsmen. 

Get the latter right and you will be well on course to a hitch free wedding. But selecting your gang can be a task in itself. How many buddies do you choose? Who misses the groomsmen cut? And how do you deliver the news to your long term friends – good or bad.

It’s a real quandary and a thankless task. Yet, even before the ceremony you will make someone happy. But how else can you go about making your groomsmen ultimately content? Consult our essential list and you will be in their good books forever. 

1. Reduce Stress

If you want a happy gang then it is important to avoid stress where possible. And this involves a great deal of coordination. 

From organizing suit hire to providing an itinerary of where your chums need to be, everything requires the precision of an Omega timepiece. 

Your groomsmen will have a number of different tasks to perform so they need to be fully aware of what’s going on. 

Articles such as this will certainly help them ace their duties on the big day.

2. Show Your Appreciation

No groomsmen, young or old likes to be disregarded on such a momentous occasion. They have been there through the years and this day is no different. 

Whether traveling from out of town or missing important work, they would have shelled out quite a lot of dough to be with you.

Demonstrate how much they mean with a treasured keepsake that is sure to create a long-lasting impression with your crew. Need a little inspiration?

You can always visit numerous articles like this one here for ideas or check out resources like this groomsmen gifts site that offers options and guides on personalized presents.

3. Look the Part

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When it comes to your outfits, you will need to ensure you are all on the same fashion page. Pick a style that you are all in agreement on as you want to avoid any suit faux pas down the line.

Make sure to organize what everyone is wearing and perhaps you might want to look at items such as personalized cufflinks, nifty neckties or collar stays. 

This will make them look the part and feel great when they embark on the wedding journey with you. Take some inspiration here and make your groomsmen feel like a million bucks.

4. Be Flexible

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This is especially the case as far as your bachelor party is concerned. Whilst you may want it to end up like a scene out of The Hangover, you are not the one organizing it. 

To that end, your crew knows you better than anyone else so let them do the hard work so you don’t have to. You may want to end up playing blackjack in Vegas or strolling the streets of Amsterdam on a super pricey trip.

Nevertheless, you must pay respect to your wedding party and be open to suggestions. Provide guidance if necessary but you will no doubt be in very good hands. 

5. Nothing is Off Limits

Remember your gang will want to toast you in style. If you end up mumbling and grumbling about what can be said, this will only lead to unavoidable disputes. 

Let your groomsmen get on with the job in hand as you do not want to come across as being oversensitive. It will ruin the speech, whilst rubbing your best men up the wrong way. 

Yes, there may be a few skeletons rattling around in your closet but you want them on your side on the day of the big event.

6. Bonding Session

In order to create an even bigger bond with your besties, why not organize a few get-togethers before the joyous occasion?

It will help you and your crew come even closer together, whilst you can extend the invite to others. 

Perhaps you might want to invite your dad’s friends along? As a result, everyone will have the opportunity to mix and mingle before the wedding making it an even happier event. 

There are lots of articles like this offering insightful bonding ideas and activities.

7. Dance Partner

Aside from your beautiful bride, you’ll want to engage in some manly dancing with your gang. Choose wisely as they will then feel an integral part of all the celebrations. 

From the second dance to the last stragglers have left the floor, you will want your crew by your side. Partaking in a few tequila shots or swigging beer together, it all helps to bring you closer together. 

So make sure they have enough stamina and enough sole in their dancing feet to last the evening and beyond. Bring in the man love!