Making Your Wedding a Spook-tacular Event!

Halloween weddings are not for the faint of heart… so if you’re one of the brave souls who decides to commemorate their special day on the spookiest day of the year, better be prepared to run all the way with it.  Go bold or not at all!
From cakes to your own dress, your possibilities of bold creativity are boundless —

What perfect timing for Vera Wang’s Black Bridal Collection! Want to make a statement? Stride down the aisle in this dramatic concoction!

Arm your bridesmaids in bold colors to make your bridal party stand out:

And never underestimate the power of accessorizing; think lace:

and shoes are always an exquisite expression of self —

Or, if you really want to go bold, consider going with a unique style yet to be seen in every other wedding you’ve graced!

Spooky wedding favors can be tasteful as well as surprising:

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the cakes! From cute to creepy, you have a delicious decisions before you:

Set the scene with the best of taste — forget the tea candles and go for dramatic tall tapers, jack-o-lanterns, and spirit lights!

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

You chose a bold day — make it uniquely yours, beyond a day for ghouls and ghosts… it’s every inch a day for brides!