What To Do Now That You’re Engaged!

Cheers to you, newly engaged couple! We’re so excited for you and there’s a road of adventure you’re about to embark on. We’ve created some videos for you that you can find in this post but we’ve also got some tips to share with you!

Here’s part 1 of 2 on what to do now that you’re engaged! See the listing below for details, too.

  • Enjoy and indulge! Look at the ring, go out, enjoy the newly engaged feeling with your better half. Tell family and friends that you want in person or over the phone before posting on social media. Post on social media! Share a photo of the proposal or the photo right after. We’d love to see the ring! Don’t forget to buy and read wedding magazines and have some chocolate and bubbly in a warm bath!
  • What is your vision as a couple? When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion. What are the two of you hoping for? Weddings can be big or small, indoor or outdoor, in your hometown, a destination wedding, etc. Talk through all of it, including budget and guest list.
  • Talk with the VIPs. Let parents know your plans and see how they want to be a part of the wedding planning process.
  • Consider hiring a planner. There’s a planner for every budget and different packages and customization options.

Here’s part 2 of 2 on what to do now that you’re engaged! See the listing below for details, too.

  • Budget. What are you working with financially to be able to host your ideal wedding? Your budget will also vary by city.
  • Your guest list. Who is going to be invited? How far will you go into the extended family when it comes to inviting your family? Will coworkers be invited?
  • Time of year and which year are important. In Chicago peak wedding season is April/May-November so if you get engaged in December or January you might want to book your wedding for the next wedding season if you want a book a peak date at a popular venue.
  • Create a wedding binder/have a folder. This will allow you to keep all of your wedding contracts and details all in one place.
  • Set your wedding date. Make sure to coordinate the ceremony and reception locations (if they’re separate) to make sure they are both available on your preferred wedding date.

Happy planning!