Bachelorette Party Ideas

Whether you are the kind of bride that would prefer a soothing and relaxing evening with your girls or wants to go out for some adventurous entertainment as your last big hoorah, Chicago has [...]

Don’t Forget: Wedding Photography

After working in the wedding industry for so long you learn that photography matters. Let me say that one more time – PHOTOGRAPHY MATTERS! The average wedding cost in 2016 is anywhere from [...]

5 Tips for your Winter Wedding

Though there is nothing that isn’t absolutely stunning about a snowy Winter Weddings – there are different aspects that you have to pay attention to compared to the more predictable [...]

Admirable Advice

It is not unheard of to ask you guests for marriage advice.  Chances are the majority of your guests are married or have been married at one point in time.  This means that they all have a good [...]

Things to Think About

There are a few things that tend to be over looked during wedding planning.  One thing many brides forget to take into consideration is temperature.  While you may think a room is set to a [...]

Tips For Creating Your Guest List!

Figure out the maximum amount of guests that your venue can hold. Divide the number so that each side of the family gets the same amount of guests.  Keep in mind that your parents may want to [...]

How To: Wedding Registry

When thinking about potential gifts that you would like to receive for your wedding, think practicality, but don’t forget to have some fun with it! Registering for gifts is important [...]

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