There are a few things that tend to be over looked during wedding planning.  One thing many brides forget to take into consideration is temperature.  While you may think a room is set to a comfortable temperature, once your dress is on and you’re ready to go the temperature will only rise. Traditional wedding dresses have multiple layers of fabric and taffeta that can cause a bride to become very warm.  You may not notice this while trying your dress on at a bridal shop because they tend to turn up the air conditioner to insure that their customers stay comfortable.  While you’re dancing and enjoying your time at your reception, you may not notice your legs beginning to chafe from over hearing and sweat until it’s too late.  To avoid this uncomfortable dilemma, try applying some baby powder to your inner thighs.  This will not only insure a comfortable reception, but a comfortable honeymoon as well.  Since it is not something most think about before their big day with all the hustle and bustle of everything else going on have a bridesmaid or a mother be in charge of bringing along baby powder.  Keep in mind little tips like these and you’ll definitely have the wedding of your dreams.