Crisis Averted: Emergency Stain Removal

Let’s be honest, not everything is going to run smoothly on your wedding day. Mistakes happen, that’s just how life goes, but we can be prepared to clean up the messes that it throws at us.

Emergency Clothing Kit

On your wedding day, make sure to bring along a wedding dress emergency care kit.  With these few small items, any smudge can be fixed!

  • Baby powder
  • White cotton towel or cloth
  • White or off white chalk
  • Denatured rubbing alcohol
  •  Club soda
  • Tide to-go
  • Stain removing wipes
  • Cotton swabs
  • Needle and thread
  •  Double sided tape
  • Bar of soap

Now that we know what materials we need to save our day, here are the steps for using them!


  • When trying to remove a stain – don’t ever rub
  • Continue dabbing until it lightens or disappears entirely
  • Always work from the outside in – working in this manner will prevent the stain from expanding


  • Once the spill has been contained – use baby powder to absorb any oil that may have been left behind
  • Use either the rubbing alcohol or club soda or your Tide to-go Stick to eliminate the stain

Step #3

  • Once the stain is 90% removed – feel free to use a hair dryer to finish off the job
  • Be careful not to get too close to the fabric – stay at least 6 inches away in order to avoid further damage

Don’t let a little stain ruin your day!