Don’t Forget: Creating Your Seating Chart

There are many different ways to organize your guests at assigned tables. Although it can be stressful, these tips are sure to get your through it and keep your guests comfortable!

Try a handy software program is a program that creates a seating chart for you.  Start out by adding all of your guest’s names to the program and then select a seating chart that best fits your venue.  You can add however many tables you need and whatever shapes are necessary for you.  Using a program is a quick and acceptable way to seat your guests.

Lists, Lists o’ Lists

If you would rather have more control over your guest list Excel may be a better option for you.  Using this program will allow you to have a visual while creating a rough draft for your seating chart.  Start by creating a column for each table with the correct amount of rows for the number of seats at each table.  After your tables are created, just start inserting your guests names and rearrange as needed!

Hands on diagrams

If something more hands on is a better organizational option for you then a diagram is best!  Start with a poster board and draw out the floor plan for your venue; i.e. squares, circles, ovals, etc.  After your tables are drawn, number them in the same manner that the venue has done.  Next, use small sticky notes with multiple colors so that you can have categories.  Examples of categories are the groom’s guests, the bride’s guests, friends, family, and even co-workers.  Once you have your categories picked out, write each guests name on the color of sticky note that corresponds to that category.  When all of your guest’s names have been written out you can begin to place them around the tables.  Sticky notes are convenient because they can be easily removed if changes need to be made.

Once your method of organizing is chosen, you can begin the process of seating your guests!

Quick reminders:

  •  It is important to know the floor plan at your venue so that you can avoid seating too many at one table and also so that you can avoid renting extra tables to fit more guests.
  •  Location is also important!  Don’t put your grandparents next to the speakers.
  •  Finally, make sure that you are not mixing guests up too much.  It would be nice to incorporate both the bride and grooms guests but make sure there are still familiar faces at each table.