Trending In and Trending Out

Trending into 2012, and trending out of 2011…As we begin to approach the end of the year — only 2 months left! — we have the rare opportunity to look back and see what’s been done, what’s been overdone, and what has been done just right.

1. Starting with the most critical — what’s been overdone:

Pets as part of the wedding party: Yes, we know you consider your pet a part of your family, but so is Great Aunt Bertha, and we don’t see you dressing her up in a harness and asking her to pant down the aisle ahead of you.  If you love your dog, as we know you do your Great Aunt Bertha, bring them to your day — but why not relegate them to a place where they’ll be comfortable too?  Bertha gets a pew.  Your dog can too.

The garter toss: Brides today are more and more beginning to swing toward the “it’s tacky” view of the garter toss, rather than the “it’s cute”… and so, almost sadly, the exit music begins to bid farewell to this long-standing tradition, getting ready to place it next to that of drinking champagne out of the bride’s shoe…

Fondant: nobody wants a cake that tastes like cardboard.  It doesn’t matter how pretty it looks, the vast majority of it will remain uneaten.  Brides are finally beginning to realize that their special day is not the day to give their guests extra incentive to stick to their diets.  Hel-lo buttercream!

The dropped waist wedding gown: It’s a much more difficult dress to wear, and not every bride can manage the style, though many have bravely tried for the sake of the trend.  Ladies, please remember — just because it’s the in doesn’t mean you should do it, ESPECIALLY with your dress!  Focus on what looks good on you and makes you feel like the bride you want to be, no matter what is supposedly in fashion.

Chocolate fountains: Something I’ve personally been waiting for to disappear for years is finally beginning to phase out.  Messy, unhygienic, and the strawberries always run out at the very beginning…

2. What’s been done:

Bunting: Yes, it’s a cute way to add color, but unless it’s for an outdoor wedding, you run the risk of it looking raggedy rather than cute if not done well.

Photo Booths: Some say overdone, but they are so much fun!  And within the next six months, you can almost guarantee that more varieties of photo booths will crop up for weddings and events, keeping them around for a while longer.

Mason jars: Bordering on overdone, what saves it is the originality you can add to separate them from each wedding; different couples use them in different ways and fill them with enough originality to keep them from being tired.

Alternative wedding cakes: Almost landed in the “done well” category, cupcakes are beginning to overwhelm the scene.  We don’t want something so cute to trend out so fast… so if the trend continues to broaden out, it will be more than welcome in the “done well”s!

3. Done well:

Dessert buffets: Pretty, easily accessible, and oh-so-delicious, this is one tasty trend one hopes will stick around.

Cookie buffet: ‘Nuff said!

Mismatched dishes: Cute vintage vibe that adds a gorgeous visual, making the reception all the yummier… brought back from generations past, but in a good way (unlike ’90’s shoulder pads)

Mismatched brides maids dresses: Started cropping up sometime in 2009, they are still running strong and running well.  There are enough combinations to allow for enough diversity that it isn’t something that will die out soon — mismatch (or mix-n-match) colors, lengths, styles, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t take a lot of work to make it look good!

Mustaches: Started out startling, ended up cute (with a lot of brides actually looking really good with them… go figure)

Birdcages (veils): With the right face and the right ‘do, this Jackie-O signature look is coming back with a vengeance!  And vengeance, dear, never looked so good.  With hundreds of choices as to the ornamental clip, placement, and tilt, the use of this pretty accessory can give a bride that extra hint of flirty, sexy, or smoldering — all dependent on how she decides to wear it.  Very few accessories offer such a broad opportunity to be played with — so play away!

Bright colored shoes: Little pop of color that works splendidly!  Lovely, simple, versatile — something to keep around, even if it goes from “trendy” to “traditional”, it will be something that stays fun!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personality and personal taste.  If you see something you like, ladies, don’t worry whether it might be in or out — take the leap of faith and see how it works with your overarching wedding dream.  It’s your day.  Make it uniquely you.