The Power of the Pumpkin!

Pumpkins, often the forgotten gourd until October rolls around… pumpkins, remembered in time to be turned into pies in November… pumpkins, available from the middle of September onward for Starbucks’ Lattes… Shrugged off as they are, pumpkins are not to be taken for granted. Ask Cinderella.
Autumn falls, bringing down both leaves and the temperature; the colors change, turning to jewel tones heightened by the backdrop of the darker days, the air turns crisp and carries that faint smoky scent to tantalize the senses, making us forget the already distant barbeques of summer and focus on bonfires. Out goes the iced tea, in comes the hot apple cider. Pack away the tank tops, bring out the cozy sweaters. Goodbye summer squash… hello pumpkins.

Once August comes to an end, most people see the wedding “season” as being at an end.  What people tend to overlook is the whole new world of opportunities opened to them, in decor, in flowers, and in color schemes, that can serve to set their wedding apart from the more traditional weddings of spring and summer.  Now is the time to break out the rich colors that could otherwise seem out of place; pop out the bold reds, the striking golds, the deep greens; return to the comfort of velvets and the gorgeous furs (faux or for real) that make gorgeous wraps; make a statement in a sleeved gown; dare to use the changing leaves or (gasp!) snow to your advantage!

The opportunities are endless — pumpkins included.  They aren’t just for Halloween; using them as centerpieces offers a unique touch to your reception, and as jack-o-lanterns, they can be sweet as opposed to scary.  From white to gold to orange, use their shades to make your color scheme pop!  From cakes to carvings, using pumpkins can add a touch of creativity to your special day, whether used as simple accents or as a major theme.  Whatever their place in your wedding, fairy godmother or no, let them lend a little magic to your day!