Ding-Dongs, HoHos and Cinnabons Galore!

Sounds like a diabetic coma waiting to happen?  Well don’t worry, we aren’t talking about ingesting them all at once, and we aren’t trying to goad you into busting the seams of the perfect white wedding dress you dieted yourself into… no, we are referring to something much more innocent.  We are talking about… WEDDING CAKES!   But not just any old type of wedding cake, oh no — we’re talking about non-traditional wedding cakes that have been popping up on the bridal scene in recent memory.  For those of you looking for something less starchy than the traditional three-tiered wedding cake and the colors aren’t cutting it for you —

— and who think cupcakes are so two months ago —

— here are some creative ways to pop in the pastries and still manage to skirt convention!

Give your guests something their tastebuds will remember 🙂