14 creative ideas for graceful and stylish grand exits you won’t want to miss!

Looking for some creative spins that your guests can share in as the bride and groom make the grand exit? I decided to look a little into this matter and share a few ideas that consider both the Pros and Cons.

There are some things to keep in mind when deciding the best gadgets for THE sendoff.

* Setting. Are you in a traditional church or having a more contemporary ceremony/reception?
* Time of day: will you be leaving midday or midnight?
* Weather: warm and sunny or winter wonderland?

Once you’ve figured out the basic fundamentals it’s time to take a look below!

Sparklers: they are always fun and make for a beautiful picture. They’re pretty popular right now especially for beach and summer weddings but make sure to watch out if you have little ones around; flying flames can be a bit tricky.

Rice, confetti, streamers, and rose petals: throwing these is pretty traditional and can have added sentimental value, but make sure your venue allows such things to be scattered amongst the floor.

Bells: For whom doth the bell toll? Be the first to ring the new Mr. and Mrs. into their new life- these little trinkets are always delightful to hear but make sure to look around for the best price as you might want to buy in bulk.

Bubbles: happy, romantic and super memorable. These little glass balls require no clean up and are fun for the kids without looking sparse. However, keep in mind that in opening those bottles some of its contents could spill on a rented tux or dress.

Balloons: very traditional- each guest can be given a balloon and when the time comes for the bride and groom to walk off they are released. Be careful to ask the venue as some people may not be the biggest fan of this type of send off.

Noise makers: clapping hands, maracas, kazoos, and party horns can be wild and perfect for a send off, especially for a wedding that incorporated sports themes or just downright likes noise. Again, you must make sure this is A-ok with the venue and try to find a good price as these little deals could add up.

Camera flash: want a more paparazzi flashbulb exit? You could have everyone line up and set off their camera flashes as fast and as often as possible as you run by. This could be really neat or really obnoxious. It’s recommended you test trial this one.
Not really into having noise, things thrown at you, or leaving a mess on the church steps? How about:

Flags: a simple money saver you can give your guests for them to wave high as you take the grand leave.

“The Gauntlet”: This is always a blast that brings people together (literally) and can be super creative. Something easy and cute that requires no purchases would be to have everyone stand in two lines, facing each other, and lean over the walkway, with arms outstretched above, holding the hands of the person across from them – create a human arch to run under. Literally, it’s a human canopy of arms.

Glow sticks: perfect for a midnight send off and a very fun favor to give out. You can have your wedding logo on them and pass them out before the last few songs. When the time comes people can line up and wave to their hearts content. If this is up your ally, make sure you find the best price as these can add to the budget.

Candles: literally walk into the light as guests can line the exit with each guest holding a lit candle (which can be your favor!) Tip: line the walkway with handmade paper bag votives to add an extra special glow. Again, the little ones may need a tad more attention with the open flames.

Happy Planning!