8 things you’ll want to pay attention to when watching the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is almost upon us and here at Citygirl we are excited to check out all of the amazing details and events that will be happening throughout the wedding!  We’ll be up at 3am checking out all of the fabulous details and getting ready to view the wedding of the century!!!

Here are 8 things you to pay attention to:

8. The performers: It is speculation that Beyonce and Jay-Z will be performing as the royal couple are major fans.

7. The guest list: Be on the lookout for a few celebrities at the royal wedding, including David and Victoria Beckham as well as Guy Ritchie – let’s be on the lookout to see who else will attend.

6. The cake: Kate loves fruitcake and that is what we expect they will be serving at the wedding reception.  I would guess that the decor will be stylish and fabulous like Kate.

5. The flowers: Kate will be holding organic flowers in her bouquet!  She picked her florist, Shane Connolly, because he is known to focus on live plants and not ones that are cut and adapted.

4. The photographers: There will be over 650 press photographers covering the royal wedding – talk about photojournalism at its finest.  No one will miss a picture!

3. The music: There will be 2 choirs, 1 orchestra, and 2 fanfare teams.

2. The decor: Here are some sneak preview pictures of the rehearsal – http://shows.ctv.ca/RoyalWedding/Photos/wedding_rehearsal/4344809#photo

1. The dress: The designer of the dress has been keeping it a secret and we are all dying to see what she will glide down the aisle in.  Knowing Kate, it will be something fashionable yet classic.  It would be safe to guess that it wouldn’t be the ballgown that most girls would describe as a princess dress – it could be described as a more modern, elegant look.  Maybe some silk or some lace?

Have a great night and happy watching tomorrow!