Five tips to save on the big day

Dreaming big on a small budget? No problem! Use these tips to get everything you wanted on a smaller than wished for budget:

  1. Invitation & other stationery: go online! I can’t tell you how great the savings are when you go online to choose invitations. There are so many options! Keep in mind that when shopping online, you are not paying for the brick-and-mortar store’s overhead costs. Online sites like Ann’s Bridal Bargain’s do the trick.
  2. Seriously consider the guest list: do you really need to invite those 3rd cousin relatives that no one has spoken to in 10 years? Or your neighbor’s cousin’s friend because you met them once and felt bad. Point being, think of the price per head not only for food but for things like entertainment and flowers – you will see it adds up quickly! Rule of thumb – if you think your special day would just be more special if that person was there, then invite them.
  3. Get married on any other day than a Saturday: be modern and trend-setting – get married on a sleek and sophisticated Thursday by having a small ceremony and posh cocktail party reception! Or get married at a super-traditional church and have the same reception you would on a Saturday anyway! Although Saturdays are typically more traditional/convenient, no rule says that that is the ultimate wedding day. The savings can be up to 30%-40% cheaper just on the reception venue (not to mention all of the other fabulous savings!)
  4. Silk flowers or DIY: Places like Hobby Lobby, Sam’s Club, and CostCo can become a bride on a budget’s best friend! There is nothing wrong with any of those options, and it gives you the option of allocating that much needed money to other areas of your wedding budget (i.e. honeymoon or your dress).
  5. Shop sales! Again the online theme comes into play. By shopping eBay or even Craigslist (people will sell gently used or new bulk centerpieces at a great discount!), you will save mucho $! You can also walk into stores like Hobby Lobby and get wedding items at 50% off (usually a few times a month) and save big!